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Essential Information Regarding EV Service in Fort Collins, CO

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While Nissan electric cars need less service than their gas-fueled counterparts, there are some elements of service that are needed for your car’s function. Read on to learn more about service options for Nissan electric cars, and how Fort Collins Nissan can help you to address your maintenance needs.


Available Services For Fort Collins Nissan Electric Cars

We offer key areas of service for your Nissan electric cars, including:

  • Brake services and fluid replacement
  • Tire services (such as rotation, linkage upgrades and replacements)
  • Suspension work
  • Battery support
  • Joints and linkages

When Should Service Be Completed?

There are many different sources that make many different claims about the best service schedule for your Nissan electric cars. We’ve done the heavy lifting and aggregated the information into general windows to suit your needs, organized by service below:

  • Brake services and fluid replacement: Every 15k miles/once per year
  • Tire services (such as rotation, linkage upgrades and replacements): Every 7.5k-22k miles/every 6-18 months
  • Suspension work: Every 22k miles/every 18 months
  • Battery support: Every 45k miles/every 36 months
  • Joints and linkages: Every 7.5k-22k miles/every 6-18 months

Nissan Oil Change in Fort Collins, CO

Why Do Nissan Electric Cars Need Preventative Care And Service?

Preventative maintenance prolongs the life of your vehicle and keeps you as safe as possible on the road. We understand that this type of upkeep can take time and money, however—which is why we actively work to put time back into your day and money back into your wallet via convenient service on your timeline.

What is EV Carefree+?

Built for drivers like you, EV Carefree+ is our way of giving back. We offer comprehensive services such as included maintenance, battery health assurance, and roadside and charging assistance to keep your ownership experience truly carefree. You can learn more about it here.

Nissan Oil Change in Fort Collins, CO

Find EV Service Help Today at Fort Collins Nissan

Connect with the team at Fort Collins Nissan today to schedule service for your Nissan electric cars. It’s our pleasure to serve you.